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Sirolimus (Rapamycin)

MedicaPharma is your trusted source of top-quality Sirolimus produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). 

All Sirolimus supplied by MedicaPharma complies to the highest pharma standards and is being supported by a full documents package such as GMP certificate, Written Confirmation for imports into the EU, accelerated stability studies and a DMF.

MedicaPharma is an experienced API distributor that supplied global research organizations, hospitals, pharmaceutical institutions, and compounding pharmacies according to Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

We are proud to be your partner and aim to fulfill your requirements with an extensive range of niche APIs produced according to stringent quality standards by reputable manufacturers worldwide. 

  • All products manufactured under GDP regulations
  • We leverage an extensive network of 400+ GMP manufacturers
  • Our extensive product catalog spans (niche) API’s and pharmaceutical intermediates

Proud to Serve Leading Global Healthcare and Research Organizations

MedicaPharma is a trusted partner to various organizations and commercial businesses across multiple sectors in the healthcare industry.


Commercial Businesses

MedicaPharma supplies hospitals and pharmacies worldwide with a diverse range of pharmaceutical chemicals and APIs. Experience quality products, a reliable supply chain, and excellent customer service.
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Research Companies

We supply research institutions with high-quality chemicals, APIs, and intermediates manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring full compliance with regulatory bodies.

Educational Institutions

MedicaPharma brings expertise to educational organizations by providing guidance and comprehensive documentation. All our products conform to GDP, ensuring your research teams comply with all regulatory requirements.
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About Sirolimus

Sirolimus is used primarily to prevent organ rejection during transplants, treat lymphangioleiomyomatosis (a rare lung disease), and coat coronary stents.

The drug is also used to treat venous malformations – a condition where veins stretch or enlarge abnormally over time. Sirolimus is additionally used to relieve pain and reduce vein fullness while slowing the growth of abnormal lymphatic vessels and improving clotting levels.

Recent research suggests that Sirolimus is also a possible treatment for vascular tumors through its action on mTOR.

Sirolimus History 

Initially known as rapamycin, sirolimus was first isolated by Surendra Nath Sehgal and colleagues in 1972 from samples of Streptomyces hygroscopicus – a bacterial species found on Easter Island. It was initially named rapamycin after Rapa Nui, the native name of Easter Island. 

Sirolimus was first used as an antifungal. After some time, researchers observed that it had immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties due to its ability to inhibit mTOR, which stands for Mammalian Target of Rapamycin.

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Rapamycin/Sirolimus Research Studies

Tuberous sclerosis complex

Research suggests that sirolimus can help treat tuberous sclerosis complex, a disease that causes benign tumor growth in the heart, brain, skin, and other organs. Further, several studies linking mTOR inhibitors to tumor remission led to increased prescribing of sirolimus and everolimus, a rapamycin analog. 

Lymphatic malformation

A study from 2019 involving the use of topical rapamycin found that symptoms improved in 9 out of 11 patients with lymphatic malformation.  


A research study from The Journals of Gerontology suggests that the use of sirolimus was found to inhibit and slow aging in flies, worms, yeast and mice through its action on mTOR: 

Further, a study published in 2020 found that rapamycin dosing later in life resulted in sex-specific results where male lifespan increased. 


Oxidized LDL cholesterol was shown in a study to contribute to atherosclerosis. Subsequent research suggests rapamycin can lower the risk of atherosclerosis through accelerated oxidized LDL degradation in endothelial cells. 


Research indicates that Sirolimus’ antiproliferative effects may have a role in addressing cancer by mediating the immune response to tumor targeting. Sirolimus has also been shown to promote tumor regression in clinical trials, and a paper suggests it can lower cancer risk in some patients undergoing transplants.  


Studies in cells, animals, and humans suggest systemic lupus erythematosus may result from mTOR activation and that treatment with rapamycin may help individuals with the disease. 

About MedicaPharma

MedicaPharma is a trusted and fully licenced API distributor based in Europe that leverages a global network of GMP manufacturers to supply high-quality API’s and pharmaceutical intermediates to healthcare organizations all over the world. 

Different countries and jurisdictions may have varying regulatory requirements, with poor enforcement of relevant rules and regulations. There may be accountability and transparency issues associated with manufacturing and distribution, which increases your risk of receiving non compliant products. 

All MedicaPharma APIs are being checked within a closed GDP logistics circuit; in – and outgoing checks secure the quality and supply of the right material.

Leverage Our Network of 400+ GMP Manufacturers​

Access High-Quality Chemicals Produced to GMP Standards

Experience Superior  Sales and Support Services

MedicaPharma partners with over 400 leading global producers to supply hospitals, pharmacies, research facilities, and educational institutions.

All our products are produced in regulated, GMP-compliant facilities and shipped with original documentation. No repacking or relabeling. 

MedicaPharma is committed to providing trust, accountability, and transparency. We guarantee our products and support you from start to finish with first-in-class customer service.

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Why Buy GMP-Certified Sirolimus?

GMP-certified products are subjected to rigorous production standards and controls set by regulatory authorities and relevant industry organizations. 

Quality Assurance

Safety and Efficacy

GMP is a mark of quality. Compliance with GMP standards ensures products are manufactured to high standards, including consistency, equipment, employee training, testing, and facility design. 

GMP-certified products undergo robust quality control and testing procedures to ensure consistency, safety, and effectiveness. This is absolutely critical for substances intended for human consumption. 

Regulatory Compliance

Supply Chain Reliability

GMP is recognized throughout the world as the leading standard for producing and distributing APIs. Many regulatory authorities, including the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), require GMP compliance for product approval and marketing.

GMP covers the entire supply chain to make sure your products are top quality from start to finish, including raw material sourcing, storage, and transportation. Choosing GMP-certified APIs ensures supply chain integrity and reduced risk of poor-quality, counterfeit, or contaminated products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rapamycin and sirolimus are identical compounds with different names depending on their medical or research application. Rapamycin was initially discovered as a natural component of the soil on Easter Island. It was later modified and developed into sirolimus, a pharmaceutical drug used in medicine. 

Look for high-quality products that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Choose a supplier with significant long-term partnership potential and a stable supply chain.

An EU-based supplier like MedicaPharma supplies high-quality APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates to hospitals, pharmacies, research and education institutions. Click here for a product list.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) are quality assurance systems essential to the safety of products produced by the pharmaceutical industry. GMP guidelines typically cover the manufacturing processes while GDP governs how the products are transported and delivered.

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