New exclusive active pharmaceutical ingredients (GMP) sourced by MedicaPharma

Exclusive active pharmaceutical ingredients (GMP)

Customers around the globe request MedicaPharma to source exclusive active pharmaceutical ingredients (GMP) on a daily basis for various reasons.In many cases there is simply no pharma grade GMP source known and the concerning material is only available in tech grade so basically not suitable for human use.
It can also be the case that the concerning material is not mentioned on any product list of the existing and known national suppliers and therefore not available.
Other reasons can also be an MOQ which is too large, an existing producer with quality problems, material with a missing Written Confirmation when the material comes outside of the EU or commercial restrictions from the manufacturer to supply a certain country.

MedicaPharma can be at your service in all the above mentioned cases to supply you with exclusive active pharmaceutical ingredients (GMP); we start where others stop and would love to send you our best quote !

A hospital asked us to supply them with Oxymetholone in pharma GMP grade for compounding purposes a while ago; no GMP source was available worldwide, only final dosages from India in GMP grade. It took us more than a year of sourcing efforts and finally we got in contact with a European manufacturer who was just starting up a new GMP production process for this particular Oxymetholone in GMP grade. Finally we were able to supply our customer with this concerning Oxymetholone in GMP grade.
MedicaPharma keeps on tracking and tracing active pharmaceutical ingredients (GMP) and only stops sourcing when you are being served.

We are capable of supporting hospital pharmacies, pharmacies,and the industry with the supply of exclusive active pharmaceutical ingredients (GMP) such as:

  • Carbachol
  • Tetracycline hcl
  • Isoprenaline sulphate
  • Rocuronium bromide
  • Oxymetholone
  • Stanozolol
  • Colecalciferol 1 MIU
  • Mitomycine
  • Uridine

In case you have any needs or current supply difficulties, just contact us.